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  • 1. Do you have wheelchair access ?

    There is stairs to the cafe and and a small set of steps to the jumping zone. Unfortunately we do not have a lift system in place. We will do everything we can to accommodate and if you are unsure please call us in advance to discuss with our team on 01772 440400.

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  • 2. Do you have sessions for those with special needs?

    Yes we do, please call us or email us directly to find out more information.

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  • 3. How to find Energi Trampoline Park, Preston?

    Unit 4 Queens Retail Park, Queen Street, Preston, PR1 4HZ. There is a free car park on site.

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  • 4. Is it easy to get to Energi Trampoline Park Preston by car and public transport?

    We’re located in the middle of Preston City centre on a retail park. We have plentiful on-site parking and buses and trains close to our doors.

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  • 5. What time will Energi Trampoline Park Preston be open and on what days?

    Sundays to Thursdays we’re open between 9.00am & 9.00pm. On Fridays and Saturdays from 09.00am to 10.00pm

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  • 6. Will you be running any fitness classes?

    A whole range of classes with trampolines and the fitness benefits they bring at the centre are being launched. We’ll have classes to suit all ages and for individuals as well as groups. We’re happy to tailor classes depending upon demand so please get in touch to chat through any requirements.

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  • 7. Do I need to turn up earlier than when my session starts?

    We recommend arriving at least thirty minutes before your session starts. This is particularly important during peak busy times.

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  • 8. Do you have free wi-fi?

    Yes, sit back and relax in our Energi Cafe with free wi-fi access.

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  • 9. How do I contact you?

    For Energi Trampoline Park Preston please contact info@energipreston.co.uk for general enquiries or call us on 01772 440400.

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  • 10. Is there a gallery or cafe that I can sit in when my children or friends are jumping?

    The Energi Café is at the heart of the park and the best place to watch the fun and action from. Our mezzanine level viewing gallery is part of the café where you can enjoy a wide range of hot and cold food and drinks in quality surroundings. Stay a while and make use of our free wi-fi while catching up with the world and your emails

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  • 11. Can I bring my own food and drink?

    Only food and drink bought inside the arena may be consumed there unless as part of an outside catering package we have arranged.

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  • 12. Do you offer Group discounts?

    We are pleased to offer concessions and discuss special group deals. Please contact us and we’ll be pleased to see what we can offer

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  • 13. Can children visit without a parent/ guardian?

    All trampoline users under the age of 11 must be with an onsite supervisor.

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  • 14. How will I know what to do while I'm there?

    Our helpful, friendly Energi team in reception and the café are there to ensure all our visitors are completely looked after. Our expert Energi Crew on the trampoline decking look after your safety first and foremost but are also happy to help jumpers get the most out of the trampolines and learn new skills

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  • 15. I have a medical condition, can I jump?

    Please refer to our full rules and advisory notes on display on the website and at the arena. We ask that anyone with a current or past medical history or condition seeks independent professional medical advice before using the arena. Whilst we do all we can to keep the park safe our customers use the trampolines at their own risk.

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  • 16. Can I wear glasses?

    Yes there are no restrictions on glasses. Remember though to ensure they are securely in place and think about using a safety band for added security.

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  • 17. Are there any weight or height limits?
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  • 18. Can I jump if I'm pregnant ?

    We don’t advise or recommend that you use the trampolines while pregnant.

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  • 19. Can I turn up and pay on arrival?

    Yes cash and card payments payments can be taken but please be sure to arrive in plenty of time to be checked in and complete your waiver if necessary. We urge you to use the website or call ahead to check availability for your preferred session. We get very busy at weekends, during school holidays and in the evenings.

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  • 20. Can I get a refund or transfer my session?

    We’re happy to arrange a transfer or make refunds up to and including 7 days of the original session booked.

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  • 21. How long does a jumping session last?

    A freestyle jump session lasts one hour. You can book double slots via our online booking service

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  • 22. Private events / Exclusive Hire / Corporate Hire / Special Event Hire / Entire Park?

    Energi Trampoline Park is a unique and versatile venue. It can be an imaginative and perfect stage for so many things. If you want to discuss private event planning, a large party venue, or a specialist event of any kind, you may be surprised as to how we could help. Please let us know about any ideas you may have.

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  • 23. Do you cater for Birthday parties?


    A resounding yes! We have purpose built exclusive party rooms adjacent to the trampolines where we can cater for parties of different sizes. We have a number of standard packages and are specialist at creating custom parties. We have party hosts and a range of catering options. We offer young children’s parties, teenagers parties, 18th’s, 21’sts, private parties and even exclusive entire arena hire

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  • 24. Do I need Energi trampoline socks?

    Yes it’s mandatory for all jumpers to wear Energi rubberised trampoline socks. Socks can be purchased online or at the arena and are yours to keep for future visits.

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  • 25. What should I wear?

    Good fitting, comfortable sportswear is best. There are no restrictions for clothing other than loose, sharp or metallic accessories should be removed and safely stored in our lockers. Remember trampolining is very energitic so dress to stay cool.

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  • 26. What happens if I'm late for my session?

    Unfortunately you will lose the session but if we can and we have availability we will do all we can to allow you to use what is left of the session. If this is not possible we will offer you a later session but again subject to availability.

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  • 27. What is a waiver?

    Every jumper must have a completed a valid waiver before using the trampolines. Waivers can be completed online or in person. All jumpers under the age of 16 must have their waiver completed by a parent or guardian and once in place a waiver lasts for a period of twelve months.

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  • 28. Download a Waiver Agreement

    We recommend you complete a waiver via the online booking process.

    If you are unable to do so, please complete a paper copy attached and bring it with you to your jump session. The paper copy must be signed by a parent or guardian over the age of 16 years.

    You must arrive 30 minutes prior to your jump session, if you're unable to complete an online waiver.

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  • 29. Do you charge admission fees for non jumpers?

    Absolutely not. All are welcome to visit our parks. The trampolines are a controlled area but we welcome anyone who may just want a coffee or a snack or just to see what goes on in an Energi Trampoline Park

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  • 30. Do you have lockers?

    We have plenty of conveniently placed lockers for you to safely store your valuable items whilst jumping.

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