Take a look inside

Get physical! Jump, climb, stretch, dodge, dunk and so much more.

Imagine how much fun you and your family and friends can all have together in our Energi Parks filled wall to wall with over 100 connected trampolines, interactive games, foams pits, slam dunks, a huge airbag, parkour, kids zone, dodgeball, climbing wall and a cafe to refuel.

You can jump your way right across the park, launch in and crawl out of foam pits or get competitive on the slam dunk and dodgeball. Why not try some new tricks in our parkour area or Ninja your way across our Ninja Warrior assault course and try some new tricks out on our performance trampolines.

Our trampolines are all UK manufactured providing you with the safest jumping experience!


The ultimate trampoline Colosseum. Two teams throw soft sized dodgeballs at each other as they jump around the court. Last player bouncing wins

• Maximum of 8 players per team
• Deflect live balls by using a ball in your hands
• Once out, exit and wait for the next game
• The court referee’s call is final

You’re out when:

• You’re hit by a ball on the full
• You throw a ball that’s caught by an opponent on the full
• You throw a ball and it hits someone in the head
• You cross or enter the neutral zone
• You hold a ball for longer than 10 seconds


Our Cardiowall challenge is an interactive game that pushes every jumper to their limit. Jumpers are challenged with 5 different light pods positioned on the edge of a jumpers reach. This pushes the jumper in improving their reaction and speed like never before.

• Flexible: Multiple programs as standard for maximum flexibility, challenging Cardio, reaction, stamina and balance.

• Inclusive: All age ranges and abilities. Everyone can use CardioWall and gain from it.

• Competitive and fun: challenge each other and improve your skills


The Airbag is the place to test your skills and get a thrill, this big bag of air will catch you as you jump from one of our 3 awesome features.

• The Tower is a 2m jump which will test your nerve, our newest feature which was the result of us listening to our customers feedback.

• The Angled bed, this will propel you further than before giving you more air time

• Standard bed, not feeling as adventures? then this is the one for you, a simple low jump and land onto the airbag.


Score like a b-ball hero without gravity getting in the way. The Slam Dunk area features full-height ring sitting above runway trampolines, surrounded by padded walls and floor mats. Try the simple approach first. Three jumps to build your bounce height, then slam it! Add in some moves – maybe around the back or through the legs. Get creative and go for style points.


Our climbing wall is great entertainment and fitness value for all ages. With so many different routes to manoeuvre across, kids get the opportunity to test out their problem solving skills, and learn how to negotiate the smoothest or quickest route to victory.


Pioneered by Cirque Du Soleil, Wall Running is a new art form that takes a few attempts to master, but it’s also a lot easier than it looks. Come and have a crack at the next frontier of the Free Jumping Revolution! Be a Wall Runner.

The Wall is kind of like a half pipe made out of trampolines. See if you have what it takes to run up the wall!